At just 33 years old, Trevor McIntyre has quickly established himself as one of the leading authorities on the Boeing B-29 "Superfortress" bombers and 20th Air Force operations during WWII. With a life long interest in the B-29 that began at a very early age when he used to hide behind his father's chair in the family room and admire the pictures in a book about B-29's, Trevor's interest in the B-29 has only continued to grow in intensity over the years. A passionate and relentless collector of B-29 parts and militaria, Trevor has amassed one of the largest and most diverse private collections of B-29 and 20th Air Force militaria in existence, on par and often exceeding the collections held by many of the finest air museums in the country. He hopes to one day feature the collection in a museum of his own that's dedicated to the B-29 and 20th Air Force (no such museum solely for this purpose exists today).

While some may label him a "historian," Trevor considers himself not a student of history, but rather a practitioner of history, with first-hand experience working on and restoring the very aircraft and components he writes about. Long active in the maintenance and restoration of "Warbirds," Trevor writes from the unique perspective of having actual hands-on experience with aircraft of the Second World War. This experience brings a rare level of insight and understanding that is sadly lacking from virtually all authors of today, and Trevor's first-hand knowledge is cleary reflected in his writing.

A native of Orlando, Trevor currently resides in rural North Georgia where he continues his life long passion for writing, as well as collecting and preserving the history of the Boeing B-29 "Superfortress"—one piece at a time.

Trevor being interviewed about the B-29 by NBC's WDTN-TV, Dayton, Ohio.

Trevor being interviewed by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper for a front page lead story about the B-29 on Veterans Day.

Rescued from a junkyard and restored to honor - Trevor's DeHavilland C-7A "Caribou" nose section, 61-2389, that served with the Army in Vietnam and Air America (CIA) in Laos. Later donated to the National Vietnam War Museum and currently on display in Orlando, Florida.

Trevor in the cockpit of the Liberty Foundation's B-17 "Flying Fortress," which he volunteers to help maintain.

B-17 maintenance with the Liberty Foundation.

Trevor working on the B-17's R-1820 engines.

Running up the B-17's starboard engines during a maintenance check (Trevor in the right seat looking out).

Trevor's latest restoration project: a UH-1 Huey helicopter at the Fannin County Veterans Memorial Park.

Trevor conducting sheet metal repairs and other restoration work on the Huey.

Trevor with some items from his collection on display at his local Veterans Memorial Park.

To learn more about this beautifully restored Huey, visit

Trevor and his father Rod McIntyre at an airshow in the 1980's.

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