"This generation of Americans has a rendezvous with destiny." ~ President Franklin Roosevelt.

On December 7th, 1941, the United States of America was changed forever. After being viciously attacked by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor, followed by declarations of war from Nazi Germany and Italy only days later, a generation of Americans selflessly rose by the millions in defense of their country. For nearly four years they would endure unspeakable horrors on battlefields across the world, and through their tenacious will, patriotism and sheer guts, they brought an end to the largest war in the history of mankind. But their victory came with a heavy price: over 416,000 would give their lives defending their country.

They were America's Greatest Generation.

Now some 70 years after the guns fell silent on the battlefields of the world, a new battle is being fought to save the stories of the "B-29ers" that ended the war with the most advanced bombers in the world. From the men and women working around the clock on the production lines, to the brave combat crews who fought--and died--in those bombers over Japan, their stories are being lost as the Greatest Generation slowly fades away.

2d. Lt. Clarence Rhody ~ Killed In Action 13 May 1945.

For one young man, the battle to save those stories began years ago, after the sobering realization that upwards of 2,000 World War II Veterans were dying each day. Many of the veterans were taking their stories with them, and the militaria they left behind from their wartime service was all too often being sold for easy cash, or worse: discarded in the trash as worthless relics.

But one family's trash is a nation's treasure.

A letter sent to Capt. Luther White by his wife one day before he and his crew were lost over Osaka, Japan. The letter remains unopened to this day.

Someone had to save these stories before they were lost forever. "For Mother and Country" follows one man's emotional journey discovering the lost World War II legacy of the Greatest Generation through the militaria that the B-29ers left behind. These veterans could no longer speak, but their militaria could. From their old photographs, letters and souvenirs, he would discover some incredible stories that were all but forgotten—until now.

Lt. Raymond Malo made the first B-29 emergency landing on Iwo Jima. The crew was lost six weeks after this photo was taken.

Woven within the greater narrative of the Boeing B-29 Superfortress bombers and their devastating impact upon the war, "For Mother and Country" explores the lost legacy of the B-29ers that was forged in the bloody skies over the Empire of Japan, and is a testament to what the Greatest Generation sacrificed for the generations of today.

Capt. Walter "Waddy" Young and the crew of "Waddy's Wagon" ~ Missing In Action 9 January 1945. They remain missing to this day.

The Greatest Generation fought for every American, and now it is time for every American to fight for them.
It is up to us now, the younger generations, to ensure their sacrifices are not forgotten.

We are happy to report that the work on "Mother and Country" is now down to the final chapters.
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