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by Trevor McIntyre

They were called "B-29ers," the men of the 20th Air Force who brought the World War II Japanese Empire to its knees with the greatest bomber the world had ever seen. Through airpower alone, they quashed the will of a ruthless and fanatical enemy, bringing an early end to the war, and preempted the need for a bloody land invasion that would have cost up to one million American casualties—all with a bomber that didn't even exist a few short years prior.

Now some 70 years after the end of the largest war in the history of mankind, the stories of those men who valiantly fought and died aboard the Boeing B-29 "Superfortress" bombers are quickly disappearing as the Greatest Generation slowly fades away. Their stories have largely gone untold—until now. "For Mother and Country" embarks upon one young man's emotional journey discovering the lost World War II legacy of the Greatest Generation, and follows his solemn quest to ensure the B-29er's sacrifices are not forgotten.

"For Mother and Country" is a reminder of the sacrifices of yesterday that gave every American the freedoms of today, and honors those B-29ers who never returned home to the country they died defending. These are their stories.

B-29 Haley's Comet shortly before it was lost with nine of its crew over Japan on January 27, 1945.

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We are happy to report that the work on "Mother and Country" is now down to the final chapters.
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